DMHTOY In Stock KOSMOS Lighten the World Funnel For HG 1/144 Aerial Calibarn Gundam

In-Stock Item: A-(Funnel)Suitable HG Gundam Aerial
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This product is only a light set, not including models and stand
only for HG 1/144 Aerial/Aerial rebuild/Calibarn
1. Support IOS and Android platforms
2. 7 common colors
3. The direction of the lighting effect can be switched
4. Power supply function introduction:
4.1. This product supports TYPE C interface (5V 1A 2A) / power bank / 3 AA batteries (1.5V) for power supply. (This product does not include batteries)
The load of 5V 1A powering multiple sets of lamps will be too high, and abnormal power supply may occur.
Some chargers cannot supply power normally or damage the lamp group due to problems such as agreements (known: Apple chargers, non-branded fast-charge chargers)
4.2. As the battery power supply is used, the voltage will drop, and the light group will have abnormal flickering, color cast, and remote control insensitivity. Turn down the brightness/replace the battery to return to normal.
In view of the fact that some products have more light-emitting points/high power consumption, or need to supply power to multiple sets of lights at the same time, it is recommended to use USB power supply.
5. After receiving the product, please check the product and power on for inspection, and then proceed to the safety process if there is no problem in the inspection. Entering the installation process, the default product has no quality problems, and subsequent supplements need to be paid.
6. This product manual is in Chinese (the product installation video will be provided later)
    Suitable for:
    A-(Funnel)Suitable HG 1/144 Gundam Aerial
    B-(Funnel)Suitable HG 1/144 Calibarn Gundam / Gundam Aerial Rebuild
    Vendor KOSMOS
    Type IN STOCK
    In-Stock Item A-(Funnel)Suitable HG Gundam Aerial, B-(Funnel)Suitable HG Calibarn Aerial Rebuild, DDB Weapon Display Stand(2pcs)
    Sku 082203
    Weight 0.5 kg

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